not always right

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Apparently it doesn’t matter these days if you miss out a full stop or place the apostrophe in the wrong place. We’re all online so much of the time with so much to say and only a real wowser would point out your mistakes these days. Right?

Well, no. I don’t agree. My inner wowser thinks it still matters. Bad grammar and incorrect punctuation make my teeth hurt. I’m told it’s the content that’s important, and that if you want to get anything online at all it’s better to just post; the apostrophes can go jump. Perhaps there is some truth to this, anything to save myself from a million rewrites. Although I know full well that I will continue to search out and then correct all mistakes (at least the ones I find).

Maybe it’s my many experiences as the one trawling through a pile of resumes, trying to come up with a short shortlist. At the first misplaced comma my hand falters. With the next misuse of ‘its’ my fingers loosen their grip until, finally, an incorrect plural causes my fingers to straighten, leaving the resume to flutter on to the doomed pile. It’s as simple as that.

Lucky I have a sense of humour, though. Now that I live in Switzerland I struggle daily with speaking and writing in a language not my own. It’s a good day if I can recognise I’ve made a mistake, even if I don’t know how to fix it. So I let them pass, in the hope that I will still be understood, but knowing I must seem like the kind of person for whom bad grammar is inconsequential. And yes, that makes my teeth hurt, too.