purple chips

I could almost hear my brain fizzing as I simultaneously rolled purple playdough and tried to plan a six-hour lecture for Friday. Strategic management and making purple chips to go with the green omelette waiting on my little red plastic plate might seem an intriguing combination to the uninitiated. As I dipped my chips into the blue broccoli sauce before taking a bite of omelette, making sure to look like I was enjoying my best meal ever, I found it hard to remember how I ever did things before.

The lecturing job might now have gone by the wayside (psycho boss, anyone?), but I believe my brain works better now than it ever has. While I might sometimes dream of the days when work was all I had to worry about (how naïve can one girl be?), the reality is that the amalgamation of small child, part-time business, part-time Masters programme, trying to write as much as possible, singing and playing piano, German lessons and foreign country is a winning combination. Who would have thought?

Of course putting all my wonderful ideas into operation is another thing altogether and I won’t pretend that it always works. The sheer bureaucracy of living in a country not your own, the lack of motivation to actually study or write despite the desire to do so, the challenge of keeping a four-year old happy while not going brain dead yourself, and my dire lack of ability to understand everything everyone says to me – oh, for a babelfish – mean that I struggle more often than not. And maybe that’s it. My theory is that our brains need a bit of chaos to really get going, some stimuli to get them stimulated. Maybe that’s why I have so many ideas even if they don’t all get off to a good start. From a creative point of view I’m cooking. Purple chips, anyone?