It’s amazing how a few little words can boost both your resume and your confidence. When it comes to thinking about the skills you have and how you can best demonstrate that you actually have them (either to yourself or a potential employer), coming up with the right words to use is crucial. And what you want are the most powerful words you can find.

So here is a list of words for you to try out. They are all verbs because these are very strong words, and convey a sense of movement and action. At first they might seem a little stronger than you would like, but give them a try, let them roll around on your tongue and soon you’ll get used to the idea of rephrasing your skills and experience using these handy – and powerful! – words. You might be surprised how just a change of word can change the way you think about something.

This list is by no means comprehensive, so please feel free to suggest anything you think should be included.
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A: achieved, acquired, acted, activated, adapted, addressed, administered, agitated, analysed, anticipated, assembled, assisted, audited

B: boosted, briefed, budgeted, built

C: calculated, changed, collaborated, composed, condensed, conducted, contracted, converted, coordinated, created

D: demonstrated, designed, developed, devised, doubled, drafted

E: edited, eliminated, enforced, established, evaluated, expanded, explained

F: facilitated, finalised, fixed, focused, followed up, forecasted, formed, founded

G: gained, gathered, generated, graduated, guided

H: handled, headed, helped, hired

I: identified, illustrated, implemented, improved, improvised, increased, influenced, informed, initiated, innovated, installed, instigated, instructed, integrated, interacted, interviewed, introduced, investigated, issued

J: joined, judged, justified


L: launched, lectured, led, liaised, lobbied, located

M: maintained, managed, manufactured, marketed, mastered, maximised, measured, mediated, minimised, mobilised, monitored, motivated

N: navigated, negotiated, nominated, notified

O: observed, obtained, opened, operated, optimised, orchestrated, ordered, organised, originated, overhauled, oversaw

P: perceived, perfected, performed, persuaded, piloted, pioneered, planned, predicted, prepared, prescribed, presented, prevented, prioritised, procured, programmed, proposed, protected, promoted, proved, provided, publicised, published, purchased

Q: qualified, questioned

R: raised, ran, reached, realised, recognised, recommended, reconciled, recruited, rectified, reduced, refined, regulated, reorganised, repaired, represented, researched, reshaped, resolved, restored, revamped, reviewed, revitalised, revived

S: scheduled, searched, secured, selected, separated, setup simplified, solved, sorted, surveyed, staffed, specialised, spoke, standardised, supervised, surpassed

T: targeted, taught, tested, totalled, tracked, trained, transcribed, tutored

U: undertook, unified, updated, upgraded, utilised

V: validated, verified, vitalised, volunteered

W: welcomed, won, worked


Z: zebra