Life is a journey, one with many detours, dead-ends and loop-de-loops. I’m fascinated by the paths people choose (or not) and the decisions they make, with regard to work or otherwise. I’m also of the mind that there’s no reason why we can’t make informed decisions for ourselves when it comes to thinking about work and careers. All we need are some useful strategies to get us started and to help us navigate the detours and everything else life can throw at us.

With this in mind, you will find some helpful stuff to get you thinking about what your next step might be, as well as some strategies and other aids to help you get there. None of it is rocket science. In fact, I think it is often the simplest strategies that can make the most difference to how we see the skills we have, for example, or how we think about what it actually is that we might like to do.

But this site is also a little bit about some other things, too. The funny thing is that when I try to write about work the other things usually find a way to wrangle their way into whatever it is I’m writing. And when I write about the other things work usually finds a way to.... Just goes to show how impossible it is to separate work from all the other stuff that’s happening.

So, please, read on. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I am interested in asking some of the questions.