I started out working as a music teacher and performer in Australia. After some postgraduate study, I spent time working in the education sector as a careers counsellor, researcher and lecturer, and writer of vocational education policy, in Australia and the UK. I’ve also worked as an educational consultant and researcher in the non-profit sector, focusing on training, career development and organisational development.

Right now, I have my own music teaching business (
www.discovering-music.com), based in Meilen, a small town near Zurich, in Switzerland.

When not teaching, I write, and when not writing, I look after my small daughter. When not looking after my small daughter I sing and play the piano and guitar. When not playing the piano or guitar I learn German. When not learning German I swim in the lake across the road from our house or go walking in the mountains with friends and family. When not walking in the mountains, I teach. I also like chocolate.